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Circadian Way - Arcadia Cohousing

David Bellin
Broker - Contractor

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You can use my expertise in co-housing to represent you as a BUYER in negotiating for these homes.  Please contact me to sign a representation agreement.  I only do residential sales in co-housing communities, known as the "co-housing realtor", nobody knows the market better.  

see the new developer driven cohousing community:  Fiori Hill in Hillsborough, NC.  www.UrbanCottageProperties.com

Arcadia and Pacifica - contact me if you have interest.  

I can help you view and act as your buyer's rep.  Arcadia is too far from Weaver St to walk, but the F bus runs down N Greensboro St.  My home at Pacifica is 1,600 sq feet listed at $317,000 ($198 per sq ft), with many custom enhancements, sold last Fall:  see www.ViburnumWay.com for details.

 I know many of the residents at all the local cohousing communities, can help you buy a home in the one that fits your personality.  Please contact me for assistance in buying or selling a cohousing unit.

If you're interested in cohousing in the Carrboro / Chapel Hill / Durham area, please feel free to contact me.  The only residential work I do is for the cohousing community, which I helped build and develop in the Southeast.

Cohousing is the only residential work I do.  I specialize in commercial and investment real estate, and development consulting.  Thank You!


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